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Postural Alignment Therapy Exercises

I create a set of exercises based on your postural pictures and  an assessment from functional tests on the initial visit.  You will be asked to perform a set of exercises throughout a given period.  Pictures will be retaken to evaluate your progress. I will adjust your exercises based on the change of postural joints and symptoms. 
30 minute free consultation
Time: 1st visit-$250. Up to 2 hours. 
2nd & more : $165. 1 hour session
6 visits up-$150

Diaphragmatic Breathing

I will assist and teach how to breathe correctly by engaging diaphragm muscles to increase lung and heart function, thereby increasing the volume of oxygen input throughout the body and brain. 

I will incorporate different breathing techniques and this would be extremely beneficial if you are suffering from BPD-breathing pattern disorder, asthma, sinus problems, fibromyalgia, cystitis, depression and any respiratory issues. 
Time: 30minute or 1 hour
Price:  $80, $160

Manual Fascia stretch & Neck traction

Fascia, the first layer of soft tissues under the skin, can create pain and tension throughout the body.
It responds to emotional stress, trauma and muscle tightness.  Releasing tensions in the fascia can increase blood flow, restore motion and quicken the speed of recovery. 

I can help  increase motion and range, alleviate  frozen shoulder , loosen tight muscles and alleviate post surgery problems.

Manual neck traction helps release tension in the base of skull and helps deliver more oxygen to the brain, balancing the autonomic nerve systems. Great for headaches, anxieties, neck & shoulder pain. 
Time: 1hour
Price: $160

Private Yoga session

I assist and teach the anatomical aspects of each yoga position to improve the practice. I will help you understand the relationships between  different muscles in different positions, helping to prevent injuries, creating stability of postural joints throughout the body. 
Time: 1 hour
Price: $120