What is Egoscue method?

A revolutionary method to be pain free

The Egoscue Method is a unique and revolutionary method which treats chronic pain by allowing  the body's power to protect and rejuvenate itself.  Based on restoring the symmetry of postural joints,  it eliminates dysfunction and compensatory responses.  It is based on the eight laws of physical health: vertical Loading, dynamic tension, form and function, breathing, motion, balance, stimulus and renewal to promote the balance of the body and achieve the optimal health.

This method of empowering the body's ability to restore and heal itself was developed by Pete Egoscue, an renowned Anatomical functionalist. He identified the causes and effects of his own postural deviations from a Marine injury, which caused years of chronic pain. Using this method, he was able to free from the chronic pain he endured for years. By becoming an Exercise Therapist ,  he was able to help others to be free from pain as well.  He now trains therapists to use his 8 Laws of Health to alleviate pain and promote better physical and emotional health with their clients.

Your body works as a unit

The body always operates as one big interconnected and interdependent unit, and it should be treated and trained as such.

Straighten and Strengthen

Mobility and stability together beget strength, not the other way around. The more your joints align vertically and horizontally to create better symmetry,
the stronger and more functional your body becomes.
This will have a positive impact on your over- all health, since all the body's systems, digestive, circulatory and immune, are interrelated, and work interdependently with each other.

 Kinesthetic connection & Diaphragmatic breathing

Creating more body awareness through therapy exercises increase proprioception which is crucial for body position, balance and sense of equilibrium of the nerve systems.

The body can't function without oxygen. Shallow and incorrect breathing reduces the level of oxygen, inviting muscle tightness, reduced energy level, elevated anxiety and emotional stress. It also compromises the respiratory and immune functions.

Engaging diaphragmatic breathing through exercises increases the level of oxygen, which can  reduce pain, heart rate and blood pressure, and  improves core muscle stability which supports the nerve systems. It can also alleviate depression. It will activate parasympathetic nerve system response, which promotes body's ability to heal and repair. 

My personal journey 

 How did I become passionate to be a Postural Alignment  Therapist?

I"d like to share my personal journey to help others to restore their broken bodies and give them the ability to be in charge of their own health.

I was involved in a car accident 15 years ago, which changed me physically and emotionally. At the moment of collision,  I felt like I had had a stroke on my the right side of body. Everything on my right side went numb. I didn't feel much pain, there was no blood,  but didn't have much movement from foot to neck. I tried to stand up and get out of car but could not move. 

 I thought that I would recover in a short time and take care of my family and resume my normal athletic activities. But the numbness got persisted. I started to have pain on my shoulder, hip and  knee. My doctor gave me pain relief medication and muscle relaxers. But my pain became worse ,and my right arm got so numb that I struggled to pick up anything. It was getting harder to walk.  My doctor sent me to a neurologist.  That was the starting of my journey:  going from one specialist to another, taking more medications, going to physical therapy, having shoulder /neck surgery, cortisone shots ...  My frustration with modern medical system grew worse and became severely depressed.

After shoulder rotator cuff and neck surgery to alleviate compression , I had chronic headaches that kept me in bed for days at a time.  My body got so fatigued and weakened that  I started having digestive issues,  hair loss, respiratory problems and an over sensitivity to smells that made me feel nauseated most of the day. 

 No doctor could figure out  the cause of my health and pain issues. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  
I finally met Dr. Matthew from South Africa, half Asian, who understood  the Asian philosophy of treating body. 
He redirected me to the ways I had been raised: treating body with breathing, balance, and nutrition.   I believe this was the turning point of my healing and restoration.  I  started to study about the body, its functions, nerve systems and nutrition. I tried alternative holistic ways to heal and restore my broken body. They all helped but I could not fully be free from pain and learned only to manage it. Pain became a part of me for years until I discovered and understood how the Egoscue method was the main key to freedom from pain and a fully functioning body.