Joyful Body Therapy

I am an Egoscue trained Postural Alignment Specialist and an Advanced Exercise Therapist. I assist and educate clients to rediscover the body's original design, restore its function and return to health. I incorporate Asian principles of Yin/Yang,  mind and body connection, diaphragmatic breathing to assist the body's ability to restore the balance and heal itself. I specialize in Scoliosis, POTS(postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and also treat the shoulder, SI joint, back, hips, stenosis, sciatica, plantar fascia, ALS,MS, carpal tunnel, and Fibromyalgia.

Posture is an outer expression of inner health

A great posture is not only attractive to look at but it is also a window which shows how the many components of your musculoskeletal system work together.   Posture is a reflection of 4 important elements of the neuromusculoskeletal  system:  muscle balance, kinesthetic sense, neuromuscular coordination, mechanical efficiency.

The body has an infinite ability to heal itself

if proper positive stimuli are given. The body is organic. It is in a constant state of growth or rebirth. Muscles, bones, nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, and the like are all alive. 

The spinal cord is the pathway by which  the central nerve system  communicates with the body. Without proper positioning of the spine through aligned postural  joints, the communication system can be impacted, causing pain and other health issues. 

Pain is a way the body communicates to get your attention

Treating the cause instead of chasing the symptom

The site of pain is rarely the cause of pain.  Most  chronic pain originates from habitual postures.  The work environment, improper physical training,  past injuries and surgeries can cause muscle imbalances.  Emotional traumas and chronic stresses can also add to chronic pain. Treating the position of body, not just the condition,will help the condition to take care of itself; fixing the root cause. 



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